Kvarner Gourmet Cruise - Short Cruise


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A wise old saying goes: in order to get to know the soul of a place, visit its monuments to feel the atmosphere of the past, observe the architecture in which the locals live, visit markets and shops, and taste the everyday food. Croatian history, and the history of the Kvarner region, is full of meals that represent the customs and wisdom of their creation, and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation make this dining experience complete.

The Kvarner region boasts the largest number of top restaurants in a fairly small area that have, for many years now, contributed to the Croatian gourmet culinary scene. This tour visits 3 branded family restaurants and enables you to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Kvarner Bay through all the senses.

Young and Fun Cruise

from split - 7 nights

Imagine 7 perfect days with warm Mediterranean weather on a vintage motor-sailing ship full of like-minded under 29 year olds. Cruise the magnificent Adriatic coast, relax on the decks and swim during the day, and in the evenings experience the exciting local nightlife. Discover why this cruise has become “a must” for the young traveller....

Cruise & Yoga



Yoga cruise offers specially created daily programs for achieving a perfect balance between your mind, spirit and nature. Get away from the world as we know it and take the opportunity to unwind. Spend an unforgettable week cruising on the southern Adriatic Sea from one island to another, combined with healthy fresh meals, different classes and meditation, all while enjoying the clear blue water and breathtaking surrounds. The exercises will be led by Renata Reiner, the only certificated TriYoga teacher in Croatia, who is continuously educated by Kali Ray herself. TriYoga is a classic Hatha Yoga style which maintains all elements from traditional yoga, but has been adjusted to modern lifestyle. TriYoga puts the emphasis on slow, harmonious movements of the spine that gently and continuously transform into the next position. The program is designed for beginners as well as those that practice yoga in their everyday life.

Naturist Cruise - From Opatija


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The Naturist cruise from Opatija sails along the Croatian coast and nearby islands. We will visit historic towns and stunning beaches with abundant opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. Cruise on a charming Croatian coastal ship, while enjoying all the delights the islands dotting the magnificent coastline have to offer. Nudity will be welcome and expected on board except when in port and during meal times.

Naturist Cruise - From Split


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The Naturist Cruise from Split cruises along the Croatian coast and islands of Central Dalmatia. With visits to cultural, beautiful towns and fascinating coves, there will be abundant opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. This departure runs on a Premium Superior category ship with air conditioned en-suite cabins, includes one guided tour and a Captain’s dinner. 

Deluxe Dubrovnik Wine Cruise



The love affair between the sea and wine has been ongoing since ancient times, and few are those who can resist it. By joining this very special cruise, which includes the islands of Korčula and Hvar, and the city of Dubrovnik, you will become a part of that unbreakable bond. You will experience a tour of the wineries, the cellars and the local wine makers on the islands. Then we travel along the coastal mainland around Dubrovnik. Take the chance to savour wines produced from the indigenous grape varietals of this region, which enables one to learn about the traditions of Croatian viticulture. Let yourself relax in the embrace of the sea and wine, enjoy pleasant company and give a rest to your body. This Deluxe Cruise will fortify your spirit with an unforgettable oenological adventure.

Note: All cruises are priced in Euros and final foreign amount will be based on current FX rates at time of payment.